Please answer all the questions, on both side of the page. Pick the answer which is closest to your situation.

What's your grammar like?
I always have problems with grammar
I regularly have to look up grammar when writing
I rarely need to look up grammar in everyday work
I have a good knowledge of grammatical terms
I have a degree in linguistics, or similar

Your highest academic qualification?
High school level
Advanced high school level
Masters degree

Any TEFL qualifications?
No English teaching qualifications
Non-accredited TEFL qualifications
Qualified English teacher (non-TEFL)
CELTA or Trinity College London TESOL
Cambridge DELTA or
Trinity College London Licentiate Diploma or
MA Applied Linguistics

Could you talk to groups of people?
I have trouble talking to other individuals
I have talked to groups and I wasn't any good at it
I've not talked to groups but I'm willing to try
I have addressed groups and I'm ok with it
I have taught before and was good at it

How far could you be your own boss?
I need to be supervised at all times
I need regular supervision
Middle way
I like to be quite independent
I am very independent

Are you a native speaker of English?
Non-native speaker, but fluent, without qualifications in English.
Non-native speaker, with advanced qualifications in English.
Non-native speaker, with
National Certificate of Proficiency in English
Native speaker of English
Native speaker, with
advanced qualifications in English (e.g. linguistics)