Could you teach English as a foreign language?

The following questionnaire tests your suitability for teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL, aka TESOL). After you fill in the short questionnaire, an integrated feedback page will be generated, commenting on your particular combination of responses, to give you an overall impression of your suitability for TEFL. If when you see the results, you think you may have answered the questions wrongly, it is easy to return to the start to alter your responses.

Designed and programmed by Cole Davis, the author of the CareerSteer career choice test, this was based on an idea by Robert Leitch of Visarus, the TEFL web site based in St Petersburg.

The questionnaire will be developed further and the author welcomes any feedback and suggestions. Please note, however, that the questionnaire is going to remain quite short. In the author's experience, there is a clear positive relationship between the number of questions posed and the rate of non-completion.

Now, press this link to complete the questionnaire!

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